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What Clients are Saying...

“Thank you for your love, support and professionalism last year. You saved my life!”

G Martin, Northern Territory

“Prior to working with Jocelyn, I experienced an immense amount of insecurity and anxiety in certain social situations. The growth I’ve experienced from working with Jocelyn has been life changing. I no longer struggle with fear and panic and have developed an incredible ability to face life’s challenges and deal with difficult emotions on my own. For the quality of life you get, Jocelyn is worth every cent and more.” 

Beckie Taylor, Gunnedah NSW 

“Working with Jocelyn has helped me to make profound and wonderful shifts in my mental health and business and has massively increased my confidence. I always feel safe and respected and that has allowed me to address some intense childhood experiences.

Jocelyn utilises a powerful integrated approach and I am totally impressed with her skills and the results. The tools and strategies she gives me, stay with me. She is my ‘go to’ person when I recognise I have blocks personally and professionally. I heartily recommend her services.” 

Helen Hancox, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

“I’ve worked with Jocelyn for two really important times in my life. The first time was shortly after experiencing a nervous breakdown due to not being able to properly grieve the miscarriage of our twins. As a woman, this was very traumatic for me.

Jocelyn compassionately and professionally helped me enormously using two new modalities I’d never heard of. The lifeline technique and nutripuncture helped me to recover very quickly. I was amazed. Even my psychologist from the hospital admission said, who is this woman you’re working with? You’re doing some very good work together. It was such a relief to be working with Jocelyn. I had complete faith and trust in her.

Once we worked through the grief together, she then helped me prepare for another pregnancy. Within 3 months of trying we were pregnant again and I’m positive the nutripuncture and lifeline technique were key factors. The pregnancy and birth all went well and our baby girl is very healthy and alert.

The second time I needed to work with Jocelyn was a few months after our baby girl was born. I’d been experiencing some anxiety and had received more conventional support. However a past family trauma came up again and I ended up suffering a psychosis, which felt very dangerous and out of control as I’d lost my sense of reality and wanted to run away. Jocelyn was incredible at helping me through that crisis over the phone and getting me and my baby girl safely to hospital and then helping me to recover.

Jocelyn has amazing skills and knowledge and the techniques she uses are truly life changing. I am so grateful to have this kind soul a part of my journey. Jocelyn has been a beacon of light when all I could see and feel was darkness. Infinite love and gratitude.”

Sarah Hutchison, Gippsland VIC

“There are so many words I can describe Jocelyn… compassionate, non-judgmental, supportive and enthusiastic, modest, humble, patient, fun, adaptive and flexible… She is like my cheerleading squad, I just got to continue playing the game, score and win. I notice she really enjoys my personal shifts and that energy is contagious. It is so fantastic to have someone who is there for me, who genuinely cares and does whatever it takes to get me there. I am so thankful for her encouragement throughout the sessions.

I am so thankful to have Jocelyn facilitate Lifeline sessions for me. I really enjoyed our dynamic sessions together which led me back to my passion. Each week I evolve into a different person. I am a better person today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be a better person than I am today. Since the first session, I began to consciously live and breathe my life with purpose, unconditional love and joy in an empowering way. I am seriously taking self-responsibility for my life.

It is definitely worth it and great value for your investment of your time and money. This is probably the longest ‘thank you’ note I have ever written. Infinite Love & Gratitude Jocelyn.”

Phung Bui, Townsville, Queensland

“I started working with Jocelyn to overcome PTSD and a lifetime of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and habits. I needed to change on so many levels. 

Jocelyn has taught me an amazing number of effective tools and simple practices to successfully cope and deal with triggers in daily life. My emotional and psychological wellbeing is the best it’s ever been. Jocelyn also helped me create a positive mindset and gave me practical tools to achieve the optimum outcomes of my desired goals. I no longer feel emotional attachment to past traumas and life is much easier. I’m more comfortable in myself, have an optimistic outlook and PTSD is now a thing of the past.

Jocelyn is very knowledgeable and wise and having used all her services I can confirm that each one is unique and highly beneficial. I experienced profound and effective healing at the deepest levels. I am now free of old issues and feeling more confident, self-loving, content, at ease and satisfied in my life. I highly recommend Jocelyn to anyone who’d like deep emotional psychological healing or help with overcoming PTSD. The results I’ve achieved working with Jocelyn are priceless and I feel so grateful and blessed.” 

Kathy Loftus, Sydney NSW

“Jocelyn has truly transformed my life. I feel like a different person. I am very grateful I was able to receive her help and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is also a lovely person, easy to talk to, understanding and flexible.” 

Lisa M, Yarra Valley VIC

I have been well trained in many modalities over 60 years of learning and a couple of years ago I heard about RTT [Rapid Transformational Therapy].  I checked it out and were I younger, I would have signed up for the program.  Luckily for me Jocelyn trained in it and the session I had with her was totally remarkable. 

Jocelyn is incredibly professional and really knows and understands the nuances of this incredibly powerful work.  My session was phenomenal. I learned a lot, healed a lot, went deep and came out feeling fantastic. The transformational recording is wonderful to listen to and has helped a lot as well.  Jocelyn integrates multiple modalities beautifully and effectively. I highly recommend her skill and expertise to support you on a path to joy and freedom.    

Diane McCann, Director – Beyond the Ordinary, South Australia  

“Although my adult life was fundamentally great, I experienced high periods of stress and anxiety and was vulnerable to panic attacks. 

I’d been doing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with psychologists for more than 10 years to help manage my anxiety symptoms, but I never felt they got to the root cause. I was looking for another way to approach my treatment and management of anxiety. I was drawn to Jocelyn’s method of combining many different psychological, spiritual and energetic modalities under the lifeline technique.

After 6 sessions with Jocelyn, I experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and stress in my every day life. I am more at peace with myself, present and less reactive to others, including my family. Jocelyn helped me address the root causes and adopt a more graceful, gentle and nurturing way to manage the anxiety. It used to escalate to discomforting and intense levels, but not anymore.

I recommend Jocelyn to anyone who is looking for a deep and profound change with emotional or physical issues. Come in with an open mind and heart. The Lifeline Technique and Nutripuncture take some getting used to as they are completely different healing modalities from conventional ones. If you commit to and open yourself to it, you will see substantial benefits.

Jocelyn is a very caring, nurturing, empathetic, understanding and non-judgmental soul. For me, I felt an immediate sense of trust that she had my best interests at heart. it has been a very healing experience working with Jocelyn and a great pleasure.”

A. Madrigal, Sydney NSW

“Wow! One session of Rapid Transformational Therapy with Jocelyn made a HUGE difference to the issue I was focused on at the time – wealth, and my deservedness of wealth. During the process I felt safe and respected. I came away from the session with a mindset of deservedness, AND a personalised recording which I listen to as I go to sleep. Powerful. Worth the investment.”

Helen Hancox, Entrepreneur, New Zealand

“When I approached Jocelyn for help my life seemed to be a cycle of disasters.   I tried to break the pattern but found myself in similar situations again and again.  I finally realised that I needed help to break the cycle and Jocelyn turned out to be the perfect person to help me create positive changes in my life.

I walked out of my first session with Jocelyn feeling uplifted and energised.  I felt good.  I wondered how long this euphoria would last.  Although by the next day the initial euphoria had subsided, something else started.  Positive things started happening to me.  The days following the first session were an eye opener.   I felt empowered and happy and I noticed people were responding to me the way I always hoped they would.  This prompted me to have additional sessions with Jocelyn, so that other areas of my life could be improved.  The transformation has been profound.

As my life was beginning to look as good as I imagined, I wondered whether Jocelyn could help me with my children.  The amazing thing was that she was able to help me without them actually attending the sessions.  I attended in their place, and the change in my children has been as remarkable as it was for me.

Jocelyn is an amazing person who is very understanding and has the ability to make you feel comfortable and able to express your true needs, such that these can be effectively addressed in the sessions with her. 

I was ready for change and the sessions with Jocelyn helped me to achieve positive change in my life.  I feel empowered, happy and capable.  Jocelyn has opened a door of endless possibilities for me for which I’m deeply grateful.  This kind of therapy is highly recommended to anyone who’s ready for change.  When you’re done, you’ll feel on top of the world.”

Sylvia Lamont, Sydney NSW

“Jocelyn has a tremendous energy for healing and facilitating. Her joy and clarity is inspiring and helped me clear blocks and create space to focus on the creative pursuits most important to me.

She has an incredible toolbox and I savoured our sessions and the fresh and wonderful approaches she would bring each and every time. I would highly recommend working with Jocelyn if you are ready and willing to dive into self-transformation work.”

Frankie Louise, Performance Artist | Filmmaker | Speaker, Sydney NSW

“There have been a number of shifts since our sessions.  I find I relate better to my daughter, it is a strong and nurturing relationship, and I feel my strengthened inner health is a big part of that. I’m also happy in the company of my sons when I see them…

The sessions with you allowed a great deal of healing on a physical level as well, allowing my osteo to carry out his work too.  Pain is an awful thing to deal with daily, so this was a tremendous outcome for me.  

I feel more content with decisions I have made, some of them quite shocking for me.  Creative Vs Security…  Even passed up what was a huge sale opportunity for a real estate salesperson…  I’m content where I am, creating… I’m finally doing what the 12 year old me thought she would be doing… A few days after New Year was sitting at my laptop and the novel in me started to pour out.  I’m 18000 words into an 80000 novel [and] No 2 & No 3 storylines are swirling in my head already.  

We have a very creative home… At times I will use the Infinite love & gratitude gesture & words to settle anxiety – it results in quite a profound altering of mood.  

Sometimes I forget to continue my inner reflection & can regress, however with the lifeline exercises/affirmations you gave me, I get back on track very quickly… The worries of the world we discussed, are no longer intruding with the ‘colored mummy wrap’ meditation you showed me.  I don’t feel so much of others trauma.  That is restful for me… I’ve even started wearing clothes I love…

I highly recommend anyone who has spiraled into a negative repetitive behavior pattern & are not functioning as the person they should be, or could be to try the lifeline technique.  Break away from embedded pain, forgive, heal and move forward.  It is a daily practice that should be part of our lives.”

Lorraine, Terrey Hills NSW

“The Lifeline Technique has been beneficial for me because of the holistic nature of the rebalancing of the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional parts of my being. I now feel more authentic and empowered to create the life I want with confidence to explore new possibilities. My life has more clarity and purpose.

The Lifeline Technique has helped me to let go of limiting beliefs that were not serving me and I have been able to make positive changes in my life in a much faster and more confident way than any other type of therapy I have tried previously.

Jocelyn has a very supportive and patient approach to help me understand The LifeLine Technique. She is a good listener with an unconditional and caring attitude for the welfare and positive growth of her client and I am thankful to her for introducing me to The LifeLine Technique.”

Elena, Sydney NSW

“I found the lifeline technique to be very beneficial in helping to shift some of the negative core beliefs that I have held for many years, which I thought were impossible to change. Working with you has resulted in consistent positive shifts in my life and in my confidence and inner strength. You’re a skilled practitioner who is able to go beyond what is consciously being manifested and work with the unconscious and underlying issues that lay beneath the surface.  

I felt you genuinely had my best interests at heart and put in a 110% to each session. I always felt that I could share anything with you without being judged or feeling stupid. I am very grateful for your kindness and practical guidance which has been invaluable in creating new ways of thinking and behaving. Thank you Jocelyn for making a positive difference in my life!”

Aruni Wanasandera, Sydney NSW

“I’ve tried lots of effective complementary therapies but I was so amazed by the results after just one Lifeline technique session with Jocelyn. It really works! I was so impressed I decided I had to learn it. Jocelyn has such a lovely, bubbly personality that just smiles at you and I feel safe to say anything. I want what she’s got! I travel 2 hours to see Jocelyn because she’s worth it.”

Angela, Port Stephens NSW

“Jocelyn, thank you for your skillful guidance to inner change. I’m very glad I trusted my intuition to find an amazing technique and facilitator. I recommend you highly to those that truly want to change their lives; you are professional, kind, intuitive, and dedicated to your clients. I am very grateful for your support.

I have experienced firsthand the amazing changes using the lifeline technique and nutripuncture. They are amazing healing tools that address imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to create health and healing and wellbeing. I am now feeling empowered to live my life fully and authentically!”

Vanessa, Sydney NSW

“Working with Jocelyn was excellent and she helped me to achieve the powerful change to LOVE that I was desiring. 
I knew I had negative emotional patterns from much earlier days, still operating and expressing unloving feelings and re-actions within me. I loved the Lifeline Technique, which Jocelyn so beautifully administered to identify and remove those trauma patterns from the sub-conscious level of my mind. I am already noticing that I feel much more relaxed, more “myself” and much more kind and loving to myself and the world.

Jocelyn is kind, loving, professional, skilled and intent on your success. I recommend working with Jocelyn if you are interested in achieving powerful, positive change to loving yourself and your world. With infinite love, gratitude and blessings to Jocelyn for her special role in helping me to become a more loving me.”

Fabian Deane-Johns, Nambucca Heads NSW

“I’ve been experiencing severe bloating and a host of other digestive problems that have seriously affected my quality of life. I was overworked and stressed, unable to think and communicate clearly. This impacted on the quality of my relationships and created even more stress. After I started seeing Jocelyn my condition started to improve. I’m now free from bloating and my communication and relationships have improved in an amazing way. I feel so much happier and healthier and am able to deal with life’s challenges from a place of empowerment and strength.

Jocelyn is an amazing person and has done every step of the process to make sure I feel better and it works for me. I am so grateful to have met Jocelyn and experienced this amazing healing modality called The LifeLine Technique.

I have had sessions with Jocelyn in person, over the phone, and remotely and they have all been powerful and effective. I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone who needs to improve their health and quality of life. Please do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Jocelyn today to experience a life changing healing journey to your perfect health.”

Victoria, Sydney NSW

“I was recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.  After exhaustive medical investigations, with cause unknown, idiopathic was all the medical world could offer me. 
My spirits were down, with many negative thoughts about my future flowing.   I felt fearful, devastated and isolated.  Then a friend recommended I try the Lifeline Technique with Jocelyn Harvey. 

I was sceptical at first, but now realise totally that my health and wellbeing is directly attributed, in part, to my subconscious disconnection from my feelings and emotions. I realise that my thoughts have created emotions that have affected my peripheral senses. 

With Jocelyn’s direction and enthusiasm, the Lifeline Technique has enabled me to transform fear and choose love and gratitude with amazing beneficial consequences to my overall wellbeing. 
As a Lifeline Practitioner, I could not recommend Jocelyn more highly.  Her knowledge, enthusiasm and infectious smile can only leave you feeling positive and hopeful about the future. In just a few weeks Jocelyn has literally changed my life.”

G. White, Sydney NSW

“I’m thrilled beyond words with my RTT session with Jocelyn.  She was so professional and kind and I can’t thank her enough. The session alone was so powerful, I was in awe.

I knew massive transformation had taken place during the session, but listening to the accompanying recording to reinforce the new neural pathways and learnings allowed me to continue to change as I became more and more emotionally ready. What I once thought was impossible has now become a reality and finding love is now exciting to me.

I’ve already made a new list for future sessions!  What you think you create, and with a little help from RTT anything is possible.  100% everyone should try this.”

Sasha Davas, Adelaide SA

“I had an RTT session with Jocelyn to help move through trauma and after listening to my recording for three weeks, I am proud to say that I’ve found myself again. Jocelyn created a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable.  

I feel intense gratitude for such a powerful and profound session. I’m now feeling stronger, more certain, more trusting, and confident in my inner knowing again. I listen to the recording Jocelyn made me twice a day and the visualisations of her powerful words become more real as each day passes. I feel such peace, so centred and my mind is switched on after listening to the recording.

This RTT process has had a great effect on me and my life. I highly recommend working with Jocelyn – a truly special experience.”

Melissa Werner, Northern NSW

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated my session with you. My initial interview with you was very helpful in clarifying some of the challenges facing me. You were kind and patient and gave me the space I needed to explore them fully.

The recording you did for me was beautiful and easy to listen to. You captured all the important points and put them together in such a way that I really enjoy listening to them.
I had developed some ways of speaking to myself that have been very unhelpful and now I am gradually letting go of them, and replacing them with new supportive messages. I also have a clear vision of how I want my life to be.
Your voice is warm and gentle and I look forward to listening to my recording each day. Sometimes I listen twice a day. I find it very healing and feel calmer after hearing it.

I highly recommend you as a practitioner and believe that anyone would benefit from having an RTT session.”

Claire Bosisto, Adelaide SA

 “I had an incredible positive shift immediately and continue to see wonderful progress in my life. What a gift to have experienced Jocelyn’s RTT program.”

Theresa L, Singapore    

“I used to argue with my partner regularly because of his smoking habit. After 2 years of this argument, I realised that my partner would never quit smoking. 

I was feeling at my lowest when I contacted Jocelyn for a zoom RTT session. She was very supportive and made me feel very comfortable to open up. During the session we discovered why the smoking triggered me so much, and with this understanding, I was able to let it go.

Jocelyn made me a beautiful personalised recording that I listened to for 21 days, which instilled in me my desire of accepting my partner’s choice and being indifferent to other people’s behaviours.

I felt the change immediately and stopped complaining to my partner about his smoking and I was able to take a step back and realise that it has nothing to do with me!

I still listen to Jocelyn’s recording once a month as a booster and it works! This session has changed my relationship with my partner in the most positive ways. 

I highly recommend Jocelyn and will be sure to do more RTT sessions with her for any future issues.”

Alice H, Byron Bay, NSW

“Working with Jocelyn was an awesome experience.  The RTT process revealed so much that I had not expected considering my goal.

I listen to the recording every day over and over and although it is early days I have noticed subtle changes in a couple of areas. Jocelyn fortunately has a voice that can be listened to over and over very easily and it is very easy to implement listening to this on a daily basis as well as my other daily goals. 

I’m excited to see where this goes and fully believe in the process.  Thank you!”

Tonya H, Adelaide, SA

“Thank you so much Jocelyn, it was liberating working with you. I really didn’t realise how trapped I actually was.  I’ve experienced freedoms on so many levels and in so many other areas of my life that were released so easily and profoundly that it has made space for even more peace and more opportunity, for the tangible and the ‘non tangible’. 

It was another truly up levelling and expanding opportunity for dipping into an even more profound experience of living. Love your work Jocelyn! Transform Within – It’s a true gift for anyone, and the ease in which you facilitate your craft is a credit to your intention.”

Debbie P, Adelaide, SA

Disclaimer: These reviews are personal experiences ONLY and in no way represent or guarantee results for every client. There are many variables that affect client results and each person will have their own unique experience. 



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FREE Freedom from Anxiety Kit (Value $49)

3 Essential Steps for
Transforming Anxiety

  • The Anxiety Transformation Quiz
    Is it as bad or worse than you think?
  • Cool, Calm & Connected Self-Talk
    Harness the Power of Your Words
  • Freedom From Anxiety Audio Program
    Reprogram Your Mind in Just 30 Days

I aim to provide you valuable content – never spam!   Manage my subscription

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